Welcome to Nader’s Fish on The Run

Ralph NadersHello, I am Ralph Naders. It is my pleasure to welcome you to this blog. I know you would like to know more about me. I am someone who is passionate about raising successes in the world of business. Each of the materials that I share is geared to empower people to rise above any limitations to experience true success. My view on life, business and other related issues copiously shared on www.nadersfishontherun.com is cosmopolitan, cheery and would thrill you. There are different things you would come across on this site that would help you get your life in an upward and mobile swing.

My lively and open talks on various subjects which include business start-ups, marketing, branding, etc are based on my experience with different life situations. They are captured in a fun and easy-going way to help you assimilate the essence of this very important information. The hard marketing or business terms that appeal mainly to the experts are carefully minimized. I believe that we can have a walk through life without putting so much pressure on our brains. The light-hearted design of the information that shines brightly through this blog is shared from my lens; which would help to put a smile on your face.

It was that inner search for the right blend of sharing business values with a wide range of people that led to the creation of this blog. Everything you see on this site may appeal to your College buddy or your Elderly parents; it simply flows with the rhythm of life. I may don my analytical hat as occasion permits to help bring fun to the whole experience.

I have discovered that blogging is one of the best ways to share fresh perspectives, opinions and successes. It allows us to build a community that resonates with the things that truly matter to us. It is my pleasure to invite you to the rich concepts that are spread through the pages. I would be glad to hear from you as I love to make new connections.