1 on 1 Business Coaching with The Dumpster Rental Guys

The Dumpster Rental Guys in Long Island have built one of the most robust companies in their industry. This is not surprising when one fully understands the investments they have made to lead their field. I was privileged to take the leadership of this top rental dumpster organization on a one on one coaching session. We were able to evaluate what our goals and objectives for the exercise will be. One of the things that impressed me was that the owner of the Dumpster Rental Guys is focused on building a national brand. I had no option but to show them the way to go in achieving this dream.

A picture of a Navy Seals CorporateMy first step was to do an assessment of their areas of competence, weakness and the things they need to improve. When I look at what they had achieved without a business coach and their current performance levels; the difference is as clear as the Sun from the moon. The company has more than doubled its profit and has been making a very aggressive expansion drive. The brand is currently ruling the dumpster rental business in Long Island. In order to keep things exciting, I would be sharing some of the tips that made this positive change to occur in their organization.

I decided to imbibe the values that make the US Navy Seals one of the best organizations in the world into the Dumpster rental guys. I took some Navy Seals principles incorporated in the book – How Navy Seals lead and win to build my coaching modules. One of the critical points is the discipline that goes into the training of Navy Seals. I showed the Dumpster rental company leadership how discipline in various arms of their organization can quickly shoot them to the top. I emphasized that discipline beats charisma and skill. Discipline is a rugged consistency to do what is essential to succeed.

Another value that I showed them is the place of persistence. They had to invest the resource, skill and manpower with a consistent display of excellence. It was not just about building a brand; it was to be their company culture. The essence of the business coaching session would be lost if there was no structure for sustainability. It was not long before it dawned on the Dumpster rental leaders that it would take a strong mental shift to succeed. They embraced great principles and operated in a new paradigm after the coaching sessions.

As a leading business coach, I must state that I have helped many businesses find true success. However, the results that have been generated by the Dumpster rental guys in Long Island have been amazing. They recently quadrupled their turnover when weighed against their last business year’s result. Also, the level of excellence has risen to an all time high. I was privileged to read a review by a Long Island-based Newspaper that was chronicling the impact of the Dumpster Rental Guys. It would interest you to note that there have been other positive mentions of this company in other media outlets.

The transformation that took place in this company gives me real joy. They have truly set the stage to take their world by storm.